Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SSO - A New Era of Tech Vendors

We at AntSuite is positioning ourselves as an SSO (Solutions and Services Offering) company, as we seek to differentiate ourselves from traditional technology firms.

Why solutions and services? In today's age, customers are far more intelligent and advanced when compared to 20 years ago, when it comes to procuring technology. And indeed, technology has evolved constantly and greatly over this period.

Today, we do not longer look at technology as just either software or hardware, but rather we need to be very specific to the clients' needs. In other words, buying an off the shelf package will no longer be as simple as it sounds. Technology customers are far more sophisticated these days, and they crave for more from the tech vendors.

Hence, we realise this shift in technology needs, and more importantly, understanding not just the technology that is underlying, or powering the end users, but their actual business processes and the domain knowledge that comes with it.

This is why AntSuite is far more focused, far more specific in our attention to detail and our investment in our clients' business knowledge. We realise that without this investment in understanding our customers, the client will never be fully satisfied with just a 'standard' package today.

So, solutions and services become far more crucial in this regard. And AntSuite aspires to create this offering by marrying the best of breed platforms out there, while having the resources and manpower to interact and better understand the end user, to eventually create the most ideal solution for our customers. And to match that with the great service and support that AntSite can give.

We believe SSO is the way to for the future, and eventually, end users need not bother with cryptic tech jargon, but simply focus on their needs at hand, and AntSuite to fulfill their every requirement in the best possible manner.