Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Glimpse of Our Service Offerings


As we have already mentioned AntsMail and AntSpace, we thought we also like to just give you all a taste of what is to come ...

AntSight - A powerful and cost efficient CRM service

AntsMarket - A full featured e-commerce portal and e-store

AntSpire - Our proprietary consultancy and professional services

AntsNet - Our systems integrator division that deals with everything infrastructure and network

AntStudy - Our upcoming electronic learning service offerings

In the coming posts, we will be revealing more of each of the above Ant components and we hope you will be excited to know more and to get in touch with our sales staff to learn how each of these service offering can benefit your company and organisation.

The Philosophy of Ants

We thought we take an opportunity to discuss more about ourselves, and why we brand ourselves after Ants.

We believe that, just like ants, we are hardworking and focused, and we believe in creating a culture of creativity within our people working on the service offerings. We like to think we are not just giving our customers an off the shelf product, but an entire service and solutioning process.

To this extent, we highly encourage our customers to engage deeply with us their business and for us to gain an additional depth of domain knowledge. We strongly believe in our own processes, and we believe that we can use our methodologies and processes to enhance our clients' own business processes at the same time.

Ultimately, we want our clients to benefit from our AntSuite offerings, and that way, they can maximise their returns in a shorter space of time.

Our philosophy is, to make our apps sweeter for our customers to use.

To do so, we believe in giving them a strong service offering from consultancy, to project management, down to training and long term support. In the end, what differentiates AntSuite is not just our technology, but our human interactivity and creativity which we think will serve our customers better.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AntSpace - A Preview

We are currently in our final stages to launch our next service and product offering, which is AntSpace.

AntSpace is a unique offering in the cloud where enterprise can build not just a portal and website, but a whole entire online community within the organisation.

What this means is that with this product, staff and management alike can now effectively work and collaborate using the latest in technology to be more productive, and yet, create a vibrant and bustling environment at the same time.

Some of the features of this product offering will include, user friendly tools to rapidly build a web portal and create members with relative ease. Other components will include Instant Messaging, Email, File Sharing, Calendering and other productivity tools.

Instead of just building a simple and static website, AntSpace will now allow an enterprise to create an entire community within a short span of time. We intend to continuously enhance AntSpace with more productivity tools over time, so watch this space.

AntSpace, coming to a website near you soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

AntsMail - Making Email Marketing Easier and Sweeter to Use

We have officially launched our first product called AntsMail at

It is an easy to use, affordable and quick to market product, where we have listened attentively to a number of customer feedback to create the best of its kind email marketing tool for small and medium enterprises, and also marketers alike.

AntsMail has a very easy, almost wizard-like approach, which makes even the most computer phobic users comfortable to take on.

It is totally cloud based, which means there is no upfront capital and hardware investment, and at the same time, all you need is just your internet browser to get going!

Do not hesitate to try it out now. We are offering free trials via this blog to users who are interested, and you should at least give it a go.

We also offer very competitive pricing for those who sign up now and we have made it very easy and affordable to one and all.

AntsMail, sweeter to use and easy to deploy.

To start your free trial now, contact us at

Welcome to AntSuite


This is the first official post of our official AntSuite blog.

Let us introduce ourselves. AntSuite is a new product that leverages on the the cloud computing and web based services trend that is very popular today.

At AntSuite, we offer a range of applications (apps) and services to suit our clients, in particular, the Small and Medium Enterprises.

We believe in using open-source platforms as that is the direction that will lead companies to having better returns with minimal investments, and also the flexibility to decide who and what suits you best.

This will be the first of many posts to tell the world what we can do and what we can offer. We hope you will take some time to check out some of our products and in turn, we will be glad to work with you to ensure you have the right tools to maximize your business.

Thank You,
AntSuite Systems