Wednesday, September 29, 2010

AntSpace - A Preview

We are currently in our final stages to launch our next service and product offering, which is AntSpace.

AntSpace is a unique offering in the cloud where enterprise can build not just a portal and website, but a whole entire online community within the organisation.

What this means is that with this product, staff and management alike can now effectively work and collaborate using the latest in technology to be more productive, and yet, create a vibrant and bustling environment at the same time.

Some of the features of this product offering will include, user friendly tools to rapidly build a web portal and create members with relative ease. Other components will include Instant Messaging, Email, File Sharing, Calendering and other productivity tools.

Instead of just building a simple and static website, AntSpace will now allow an enterprise to create an entire community within a short span of time. We intend to continuously enhance AntSpace with more productivity tools over time, so watch this space.

AntSpace, coming to a website near you soon.

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