Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Philosophy of Ants

We thought we take an opportunity to discuss more about ourselves, and why we brand ourselves after Ants.

We believe that, just like ants, we are hardworking and focused, and we believe in creating a culture of creativity within our people working on the service offerings. We like to think we are not just giving our customers an off the shelf product, but an entire service and solutioning process.

To this extent, we highly encourage our customers to engage deeply with us their business and for us to gain an additional depth of domain knowledge. We strongly believe in our own processes, and we believe that we can use our methodologies and processes to enhance our clients' own business processes at the same time.

Ultimately, we want our clients to benefit from our AntSuite offerings, and that way, they can maximise their returns in a shorter space of time.

Our philosophy is, to make our apps sweeter for our customers to use.

To do so, we believe in giving them a strong service offering from consultancy, to project management, down to training and long term support. In the end, what differentiates AntSuite is not just our technology, but our human interactivity and creativity which we think will serve our customers better.

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